Who is visual Aesthetix?

Hello, I am Tumi. I am a photographer based in Centurion, South Africa. I am quite a calm person and easy going. If I could survive with 3 things in this world it would be my camera, my music and family pictures.

I have always been a creative baby. I have practiced many different creative disciplines throughout my life. Singing and dancing allowed me to express feelings that were portrayed through the music. Photography has become another discipline that has allowed me to be the person to preserve those emotions. My love for photography stems from wanting to recreate photos I enjoyed looking at by depicting them in my own way. With that came the reason I call myself Visual Aesthetix. That name represents the expression of beautiful or pleasant experiences when looking at things.

Haute culture and simplicity influence my photography style; but the main aim of my style of photography is to make people feel some sort of emotion when viewing my images. Its a very romantic notion but its true. I want my images to narrate the story I could not put into words myself.

I am so grateful to photography because it serves as the visual preservation of our stories and memories. Without it, memories will only remain thoughts and thoughts become forgotten.


Thato Baloyi

“I enjoyed the shoot I had with Tumi. She took pride in making sure that I was fully satisfied as we shot at other numerous venues after shooting at the venue I had initially requested. She pistened to my ideas and had a lot of good ideas that we worked with, so that made my job as a model easier. I was more comfortable seeing that I was working with an experienced photographer.
I was happy with the final photos and I highly recommend her as you could learn a thing or two from her in front of the camera.”

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